Month 1

Your first consulting presentation

Month 3

Practice your skills with a start-up

Month 6

Work on a real life consulting project

Month 14

We have created a programme that lasts 24 month and takes in average 4-5 hours per week. Some time it is more, some time it is less especially during exams. We have carved the programme for you to acquire progressively corporate skills. And the best way to learn is to practice, so you will practice your skills with start-up but also on real  consulting project with a corporate partner and a consulting team.



You will have access to top notch training through our online platform « the member access ». We have a set of 26 skills that you will have to acquire across the 2 year programme.

Problem solving methodology




Consulting slides


Executive communication



Your first consulting presentation

We will take you step by step, explain you the methodologies, the different structures, the tips, show you great examples of good presentation. And at the end, this what you will be able to do.



Start-up project

After you have practiced your skils on your first consulting project, you will then work for a start-up as group. It is a great opporunity to adress a real case but also to understand the world of start-up.

In the beginning I was quite uncertain what kind of quality of work to expect, but the experience was highly positive and far above my initial expectations. The ShARE students were well trained on basic consulting skills, very committed to the work and brought a lot of fresh ideas to the project.

Marie Nielsen

The project

Marie have worked with 4 students from ShARE from the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia on a project for my start-up. Over a period of 6 weeks, the team helped us identify new business opportunities, including conducting desktop research, gathering first hand market information and conducting interviews.

The final summary report was presented to myself and one of our shareholders (each of us with McKinsey experience of 8 and 20 years respectively), and resulted in a highly informative session and raving feedback!


Consulting project

On a consulting project, you will be part a of a real consulting team made of former consultant from Tier 1 consultign firms. The experience will get is very similar to the one of a top consulting company. It will be intense, you will present to senior executive, and at the end you will be transformed!




Companies ShARE students did consulting case for