The world is moving...

Over the last 3 decades, prosperity are advanced. Countries like China made tremendous progress. More than 3 billion people were lifted out of poverty.

Technological progress have been spectacular. Internet and mobile came and made the world a lot more connected, enabling knowledge to spread.
Wealth has accumuluated. Bthe number of billionaires tripled in 5 years.

But it's not moving for all

BUT, yet there are 2 billion people living with less than $1 a day. There are 50 countries where average GDP per capita is less than $500, 100 times less than developed countries.

The situation in developed countries is not ideal either. Inequalities have increased by 3 times. 30% bottom of the society have not seen their purchasing power increased, while the top 5% saw it doubled.

So what is the problem ?

Health, education, economy, technology? Or something else….like our leaders.

With what the world has, those problems should not exist anymore if our leader today really wanted to solve them.

Thats the ShARE vision, growing leaders who are open the world and committed to shape it for the many. We will equip them wih top skills, a very powerfull network, help them to get to the most demanding the companies and organisations, show them the world and its problems. Our hope to create thousands or thousand of benevolent leaders all accross the world

Your tuiton fee

ShARE is not free. Yes you don’t pay anything to join. You just pay with a commitment that one day you will align your career wich is only good for you but good for the society